Adorable Doll Clothes

Adorable baby doll clothes and doll accessories to fit most 7-24 inch dolls such as the American Girl®, Baby Alive®, Bitty Baby®, Cabbage Patch®, Corolle®, Gotz®, Lee Middleton®, Little Mommy®, Lizzi®, Madame Alexander®, My Twinn®, Little Huggums®, Little Snookums® and Zapf Chou Chou® dolls.

Baby Doll Clothes, doll dresses and baby doll outfits

Baby Doll Clothes, Doll Dresses and Baby Doll Outfits for baby dolls 7"-24" tall including American Girl®, Apple Valley®, Ashton - Drake®, Baby Alive® Dolls, Baby Annabel©, Berenguer®, Bitty Baby®, Bitty Twins®, Cabbage Patch®, Circo®, Corolle®, Dora The Explorer®, Effanbee®, Gotz®, Kathe Kruse Mini Bambina®, Lalaloopsy Babies, Lee Middleton® Dolls, Lee Middleton Newborn Baby®, Lee Middleton Newborn Wonder®, Lee Middleton Play Babies®, Lee Middleton Small Wonder®, Lee Middleton Wee Wonder®, Little Mommy®, Lissi®, Little Snookums®, Madame Alexander Little Huggums®, Madame Alexander Victoria®, Madame Alexander Newborn Nursery Cuddlebaby®, Madame Alexander Newborn Nursery Cuddle Me Baby®, Manhattan Toy®, Melissa & Doug®, My Twinn®, My Twinn Baby®, My Twinn Cuddly Brother®, My Twinn Cuddly Sister®, Magic Attic®, Terri Lee® Baby, Unbelievably Soft Baby™, Zapf Baby Born®, Zapf Chou Chou®.


Doll Clothes Store


Doll Measurements


Adorable Doll Blankets

Doll Blankets for 12"-14" dolls


Adorable Doll Diapers

Medium Doll Diapers 8½" - 13" waist

Large Doll Diapers 13" - 17" waist


Adorable Doll Panties

X-Small Doll Panties 6"- 10" waist

Medium Doll Panties 10"- 14" waist

Large Doll Panties - 14"- 18" waist


Adorable Baby Doll Clothes

9" - 10" Baby Doll Clothing


Adora Baby Doll Clothes

20" Adora® dolls


Apple Valley® Dolls

19"-22" Apple Valley® dolls

22"-24 " Apple Valley® dolls


American Girl® Dolls

18 inch doll clothes

18 inch Doll Shoes

Bitty Baby® Girl Dolls

Bitty Baby® Boy Dolls

Bitty Baby® Twins Girl

Bitty Baby® Twins Boys 


Ashton - Drake ® Dolls

19"-22" Baby Boy doll clothes

19"-22" Baby Girl doll clothes


Baby Annabell® Doll

Baby Annabell 18 inch clothes


Clothes for Baby Alive Dolls

12" All Dressed Up 'N Ready To Go

12" Baby Wanna Walk doll clothes

12" Baby All Gone doll clothes

12" Baby Go Bye-Bye doll clothes

12" Beautiful Now Baby doll clothes

12" Baby's New Teeth doll clothes

12" Changing Time Baby doll clothes

12" Dress 'n Slumber doll clothes

12" Baby Alive Kicks & Cuddles clothes

12" Party Baby doll clothes

12" Sip 'N Slurp doll clothes

12" Sip 'N Tinkles doll clothes

12" Wets 'N Wiggles doll clothes

12" Woopsie Doo doll clothes

12" Yummy Treat Baby doll clothes

13" Better Now Baby doll clothes

16" Baby Alive® dolls doll clothes


Berenguer® Baby Dolls

7 1/2" Lots To Cuddle Baby®

8 inch Lots To Love Baby®

8 ½" Lil' Cutesies doll clothes

12" La Baby doll clothes

13" Berenguer Twins clothes

14"-16" La Baby doll clothes

17"-18" La Baby doll clothes

20"-22" La Baby doll clothes

14"-16" La Newborn doll clothes

17"-18" La Newborn doll clothes

20"-22" La Newborn doll clothes

14" Lots of Love Babies doll clothes

15" Lots to Cuddle doll clothes

20"-22" Lots to Cuddle doll clothes

18" Precious Bundles doll clothes

20"-22" Toddlers doll clothes


Bitty Baby® Doll Clothes

15" Bitty Baby Girl clothes

15" Bitty Baby Boy clothes


Bitty Twins® Dolls

15" Clothes for Bitty Baby® Twins

15" bitty baby twins doll clothes


Cabbage Patch® Dolls

18" Cabbage Patch doll clothes


Citi® Toys Dolls

19 inch Baby doll clothes


Corolle® Baby Dolls

12" Corolle doll clothes

12" Calin Boy Baby doll clothes

12" Calin Girl Baby doll clothes

14" - 16" Corolle Baby doll clothes

16" - 18" Corolle doll clothes

17" Corolle Lia Interactive doll clothes

19" - 22" Corolle doll clothes

22" - 24" Corolle doll clothes


Dora® Dolls

15" Dora The Explorer Clothes

15" Dress and Style Dora Doll Clothes

16" Fantastic Gymnastic Dora


Effanbee® Dolls

16" Effanbee Baby Doll Clothes

18" Basic Sara Doll Outfits


Goldberger® Dolls

12" Unbelievably Soft Baby Doll

19"-20" Unbelievably Soft Baby


Gotz® Dolls

13" Muffin® Doll Outfits

15" Bath Baby Doll Clothes

15½ Maxy Muffin® outfits

16½ Maxy Muffin® Doll Clothes

16" - 18" Baby Doll Clothes

19 inch Baby Doll Clothes


Kathe Kruse® Dolls

13" Mini Bambina® doll

14" Kathe Kruse Baby doll


Lalaloopsy Babies

11" Lalaloopsy Babies


Laura Ashley® Dolls

18" Laura Ashley®


Lee Middleton® Dolls

12" Newborn Wonder® doll

12" My First Nursery Baby® doll

13" Lee Middleton Play Babies®

17" Lee Middleton Small Wonder®

18" Playtime Wonder Doll Clothes

19" Wee Wonder Baby Doll Clothes

19" - 22" Lee Middleton Baby® Girl

19" - 22" Lee Middleton Baby® Boy


Little Mommy® Dolls

12" NewBorn doll clothes

12" Princess Potty doll clothes

12" Sweet Eats doll clothes

13" Sweet As Me doll clothes

14" Little Mommy doll clothes

14" Little Mommy Baby Ah-Choo

14" Little Mommy Scrub-a-dub-dub

14" Little Mommy Wipey Dipey

16" Real Loving Baby Doll Clothes


Little Snookums® Dolls

11" - 12" Little Snookums® Clothes


Lissi® Dolls

15 inch Doll Clothes for Lissi® Dolls

18 inch Doll Clothes for Lissi® Dolls


Luvabella Dolls

17" Luvabella Doll Clothes


Luvabeau Dolls

17" Luvabeau Doll Clothes


Madame Alexander Dolls

12 inch Lil Huggums® clothes

14" BabbleBaby Doll Clothes

14" Cuddles Baby Doll Clothes

14" My Little Girl Doll Clothes

14" My Little Peppermint Kisses

14" Pussycat Baby Doll Clothes

14" Victoria Baby Doll Clothes

18" Dollie & Me doll clothing

18" Disney® Collection Play doll

18" Favorite Friends Play Doll

18" Mia Bella doll clothing

19" BabbleBaby Doll Clothes

19" Newborn Nursery Cuddlebaby

19" Newborn Nursery Cuddle Me Baby

19 inch Victoria doll clothes


Madeline® Dolls

15" Madeline® Doll Clothes


Magic Attic® Doll Clothes

17" Magic Attic®


Manhattan Toy® dolls

12" Baby Fella Doll Clothes

12" Baby Stella Doll Clothes


Melissa & Doug® Dolls

12" Jenna Baby Doll Clothes

12" - 14" Brianna Baby Clothes

14" Mine to Love Julianna Doll


My Twinn® Dolls

14" My Twin Cuddly Sister®

14" My Twinn Cuddly Brother®

15" My Twinn® Baby Doll Clothes

20" My Twinn Baby® Doll Clothes

22"- 24" My Twinn® Doll Clothes

23" My Twinn® Friend


Target's® Dolls

8" Circo® Mini Doll Clothes

14" Circo® Bath Baby Doll outfits

18" Heide Ott® Doll Clothing

18" Our Generation Doll Clothes


Terri Lee® Dolls

9 inch Terry Lee Baby Doll Clothes


Tiny Tears Dolls

14" Vintage Tiny Tears Baby


Worlds of Wonder® Dolls

23" Talking Julie Doll Clothes

23" Talking Pamela Doll Clothes


Zapf® Creations Dolls

12" Zapf Chou Chou doll outfits

14" Zapf Chou Chou clothes

15 inch Zapf Chou Chou clothes

13" Zapf Baby Born doll clothes

17" Zapf Baby Born doll outfits

18" Zapf Chou Chou clothes

19" Zapf Chou Chou doll clothes

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Doll Diapers for  12" - 18" dolls.
Doll Panties for baby Dolls.
Baby Alive Doll Clothes for Baby All Gone Doll.
Baby Alive Doll Clothing for Sip 'N Slurp® dolls.
Baby Alive Clothes for Wets 'N Wiggles dolls.
Baby Alive Clothing for Baby Alive® dolls.
Berenguer Doll Clothes for 7 1/2" Lots To Cuddle Baby Dolls.
Berenguer Doll Clothing for 8" Lots To Love baby dolls.
Lil' Cutesies Doll Clothes.
Doll Clothing for 9" - 10" baby dolls.
Doll Clothes for Lee Middleton, Corolle, Madame Alexander and Little Snookums.
Little Mommy Doll Clothes for 12" Little Mommy® Newborn baby dolls.
Madame Alexander Doll Clothes
Berenguer Doll Clothes fit 14" Lots To Love Babies® By Berenguer®.
Gotz Muffin Doll Clothes to fit 13" Muffin® doll By Gotz®.
Sweet As Me Doll Clothes. Doll outfits for Little Mommy® doll.
Dora The Explorer Doll Clothes
Berenguer Doll Clothes
Doll Clothes for Bitty Baby Twins.
Bitty Baby Girl Doll Clothes
Bitty Baby Boy Doll Clothes
american girl doll clothing
american girl doll clothing
Baby Annabell doll clothes
Lee Middleton Small Wonder doll outfits
Cabbage Patch Doll Clothes to fit the 18" Cabbage Patch® doll.
Chou Chou Doll Clothing to fit Zapf Creation® 19" CHOU CHOU doll.
Lee Middleton Newborn Baby doll outfits
Baby Doll Clothes for Madame Alexander BabbleBaby, Newborn Nursery Cuddlebaby and Newborn Nursery Cuddle Me Baby dolls.
Adorable Doll Clothing to fit My Twinn® Baby doll.
Adorable Doll Clothes to fit My Twinn® doll.

Would you like to order Doll Clothes from but don't know what size to order? Instructions on how to measure your doll for doll clothes. Just measure the total height of your doll from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet. Does your doll have a slender body or a large baby doll style body? For Hats measure around the largest part of the head. Send us your measurements and we will make sure your dolls clothes and doll clothing accessories fit.

Adorable Doll Clothes are made in America. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.  Adorable Doll Clothes have finished seams and zippers in the back for little hands.  Doll Clothes are machine washable.

Please allow 2 to 5 days for delivery of your Adorable Doll Clothes and Doll Accessories. Adorable Doll Clothes are made in the U.S.A.
100% Satisfaction guaranteed.
This is an online doll clothing store, catalogs are not available.

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Adorable Doll Clothes
1140 Hickory Level Road
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