Adorable Doll Clothes are designed to fit the 15 inch Bitty Baby® Boy , 15 inch Bitty Baby® Girl and the 15" Bitty Baby Twins®.  Adorable Bitty Baby Doll Clothing, Doll Shoes and accessories to fit most 15 inch dolls including the Bitty Baby® doll and Bitty Baby® Twin dolls.

Bitty Baby® Clothes, Bitty Twins® Outfits, Shoes and Accessories

Bitty Baby Doll Clothes
Bitty Baby® Doll Clothes

15" Bitty Baby® Girl doll clothes

15" Bitty Baby® Boy doll clothes

Bitty Twins® Doll Clothing

15" Bitty Twins® Girl and Boy clothes

Bitty Baby® Doll Shoes

Doll Shoes for Bitty Baby® dolls

Bitty Baby® Girl Doll Clothes and Accessories

(Small) 15" Bitty Baby® Doll Clothes

Adorable 15" Bitty Baby® clothes for Bitty Baby girl dolls. Adorable Bitty Baby® Doll Dresses, Jumpers, Doll Panties, Doll Pajamas and Adorable Bitty Baby Accessories.

Bitty Baby® Boy Doll Clothes and Accessories

(Small) 15" Bitty Baby® Doll Clothes

Adorable 15" Bitty Baby® doll clothes for Bitty Baby boy dolls. Bitty Baby Doll Outfits including Doll Jumpers, Doll Diapers, Doll Shoes and Bitty Baby Doll Accessories.

Bitty Baby® Twins Doll Clothes and Accessories

(Small) 15" Bitty Baby Twins® Doll Models

Bitty Baby twins doll clothes. Bitty Baby Doll Dresses and Bitty Baby doll outfits including Doll Jumpers, Doll Nightgowns, Pajamas and doll Accessories for bitty baby twins dolls.

Adorable Doll Clothes for dolls like Bitty Baby® and Bitty Twins® will fit 15" dolls like Bitty Baby by American Girl and most other 15" - 16" dolls. Doll clothes for American Girl® Bitty Baby & other 15" dolls. Bitty Baby diapers. Bitty Baby panties. Bitty Baby dresses. Bitty Baby Pajamas. Bitty Baby Nightgown. Bitty Baby Shoes. Bitty Baby Accessories. Adorable Doll Clothing Accessories fit most 15" dolls like Bitty Baby® by American Girl. Adorable Bitty Baby Doll Clothes & Doll Outfits for 15 inch baby dolls like Bitty Baby® and Bitty Twins®. Baby doll accessories for Bitty Baby® and Bitty Baby Twins®.

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