Corolle doll clothes, Corolle doll shoes and Corolle doll accessories to fit all sizes of Corolle dolls from 12-22 inches. Adorable Corolle doll clothes fit 12" Calin and Tidoo dolls. Corolle doll clothing accessories for 14" Corolle dolls . Corolle Baby doll clothes for 16"-18" Corolle dolls , Corolle Doll Clothes & Accessories for 19"-22" Corolle Dolls

Corolle Doll Clothes and Corolle Doll Accessories

Corolle Doll Clothes
Corolle Doll Outfits

12" Corolle Doll Clothes

14" Corolle Doll Clothes

16"-18" Corolle Doll Clothes

19" - 22" Corolle Doll Clothes


Corolle doll clothes and Corolle doll clothing accessories to fit Corolle dolls. Corolle doll outfits, Corolle doll underwear, baby doll dresses, Diapers for Corolle dolls, doll panties, doll pajamas, doll nightgowns. Doll shoes for Corolle dolls. Large selection of doll accessories for Corolle dolls.

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